By Hofstader R.A., Milner O.I., Runnels J.H. (eds.)

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The plot in Figure 20 also shows that domains are polydisperse in size, giving a curvature in the Guinier plot. Thus the Rg,app from the ␪ → 0 extrapolation is rather an upper estimate of the size. Assuming a specific shape of the scatterer, a more detailed analysis regarding polydispersity in sizes can be performed. Relatively broad distribution of sizes are obtained from As (␪ ) if the scatterers have simple spherical (or close-to-spherical) shape [99]. The distribution function of sizes D(Rp) may range in extreme cases (more polydisperse than the example shown in Figure FIG.

7 ϫ 10Ϫ4 g/L (Figure 16). The work was focused on larger q. Measured angular dependencies were well fitted by a single-chain form factor assuming a coillike chain conformation. The data were also compared to the calculated rod form factor, but very poor agreement was obtained. It was concluded that the chains are quite far from the fully extended conformation. These results disagree with the old view that strongly charged flexible chains in salt-free solution reach fully extended conforma- Structure and Dynamics by Light Scattering 33 FIG.

III). The slow diffusive mode associated with the existence of domains is clearly separable from the fast diffusive mode over a wide range of molecular weights and polymer concentrations. Figure 21 summarizes the results obtained on a set of NaPSS molecular weight standards at salt-free conditions [13,14]. It can be seen that Ds decreases with increasing polymer concentration and that this decrease is more pronounced the higher the molec␦ ular weight is. 35 describes satisfactorily the data at higher concentrations.

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