By David Paul Whistler, Xiaoming Wang, Lawrence G Barnes

ISBN-10: 1891276271

ISBN-13: 9781891276279

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However, the situation with the Botrylophyllidae is more problematic, one problem being that it is a junior synonym of the Schizoproctidae (Illg and Dudley, 1980; G. Boxshall, pers. ); Boxshall (pers. ’’ Thus, we have reinstated the Buproridae but not the Botrylophyllidae. -S. Ho (pers. ). The family Cucumaricolidae was transferred here from the Poecilostomatoidea following Huys and Boxshall (1991), among other such changes (see their book). -S. Ho, pers. ; G. Boxshall, pers. ). Ho (1994b) discussed cyclopoid phylogeny (based on cladistic analysis of the 10 families known at that time) and concluded that parasitism had arisen twice in the group.

Brusca and Brusca (1990) mention additional evidence such as similarities in the type of embryogenesis, cuticular fine structure, and arrangement of the nervous system. , 1994) would seem to cast doubt on placing them within the Crustacea (see discussions in Walossek and Mu¨ller, 1994, 1998; also Almeida and Christoffersen, 1999) and certainly would argue against their being maxillopods. If these fossils are indeed related to modern-day pentastomids (an issue we feel is not yet settled, but see Almeida and Christoffersen, 1999, for a dissenting opinion), then this finding would dispel any notion that the pentastomes are a recently derived group.

Mysidaceans in particular are sometimes treated as one order, sometimes as the separate orders Lophogastrida and Mysida within the Peracarida, and sometimes suggested to fall outside of the Peracarida altogether. As examples, Watling (1998, 1999b) argues that mysids should fall outside the Peracarida and that Rationale the Amphipoda are deserving of status separate from all other peracarids and should constitute their own superorder as a sister group to the remaining taxa, which would then constitute a reduced Peracarida sensu stricto.

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An updated classification of the recent crustacea by David Paul Whistler, Xiaoming Wang, Lawrence G Barnes

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