By Frank-M. Staemmler

ISBN-10: 0415870984

ISBN-13: 9780415870986

Aggression, Time, and Understanding is the 1st publication of Staemmler’s writings to be released in English. In the early sections of this book, Staemmler (supported via his Buddhist spouse, Barbara) comprehensively explores and questions the normal Gestalt treatment concept of aggression and proposes a brand new method of operating with anger and hostility. additional sections contain in-depth examinations of the subjects of time (the "Here and Now" and "Regressive Processes") and figuring out ("Dialogue and Interpretation" and "Cultivated Uncertainty"). From Staemmler’s "critical gaze," Dan Bloom observes, "concepts become refreshed, re-formed, and revitalized constructs so that they can proceed to strengthen the speculation and perform of up to date Gestalt therapy." 

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The malevolent annihilation of a human life, but "soul" murder is not murder in the actual sense of the word; it is a metaphor with all its sometimes useful or, as is the case in the title of this book, detrimental side effects. The idea of a "mental metabolism" displays the same pattern and yields the same category error. Of course, to take a critical look at something is impossible without metabolic processes, but that does not turn them into mental processes; they remain as biochemical as they have always been.

23 In an attempt to justify Perls's term of aggression one might argue that in certain limited contexts — for instance, in scientific systems of concepts — it is absolutely customary and even necessary to define terms in ways that deviate from ordinary language as well as from their uses in other theories. For this reason in physics a second is not defined as a short moment but as the duration of light waves emitted by Cs-133. With the same eligibility, so this argument might continue, Gestalt therapy has the right to define aggression in its own way.

Frequently and rightly it is complained how soon after such events the public furor and outrage abates again and how easily the extraordinary events can distract from the ordinary, less figural, and by the mass media less attended aggressiveness that takes place in families, work places, and Ego, Anger, & Attachment, Part I I ... 47 schools every day. Yet, in our observations of the public discussion and the media we have recognized an additional and regrettable phenomenon: lack of interest in the actions of the "normal" perpetrators that take place within the realm of what society readily accepts.

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