By R.A. Ridha, M. Theves

ISBN-10: 1847359930

ISBN-13: 9781847359933

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The article assesses the problems with aramid fibre reinforcements and describes a series of tests comparing cords combining aramid fibres with steel filaments and constructions using all-steel cord reinforcement. ; GENERAL TIRE INe. Technol. TI79-S6 USA A rotating drum tyre tester accommodating a sheet ice surface was used to test the braking force and cornering force performance and braking force/cornering forc(; performance under braking of stud less winter tyres. The effects of different sheet ice surface temperatures, travelling speeds and loads were investigated.

2 Tread Rubber Mod. Figure 44 illustrates this effect and the excellent agreement between computed and measured results . This study illustrates that the tread pattern can be viewed as an additional anisotropic ply contributing to ply steer. Futamura (258) found a significant effect from the dynamic modulus of the tread rubber in a radial tyre on the cornering coefficient (cornering stiffness divided by the tyre's normal load) and the self-aligning stiffness. These relations are illustrated in Figures 45 and 46.

15 References and Abstracts TYRE TREAD COMPOSITIONS OF ISOPRENE-STYRENEIBUTADIENE EMULSION POLYMERS WITH 1,4 CIS-POLYISOPRENE RUBBER Fabris H J; Hargis I G; Livigni R A; Wise R M parameters, the normal and frictional force and the fatigue exponent of the two compounds. 17 refs. EXXON CHEMICAL CO. 511445 General Tire Inc. g. NR, and a synthetic rubber, which includes isoprene and either styrene or butadiene and is produced by emulsion polymerisation. They exhibit an excellent balance of good wear resistance and low rolling resistance as well as a low Tg and good traction.

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