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This sequence is designed to supply a automobile during which investigators, who've confirmed a excessive measure of competence in a few point of unfastened radical chemistry, can current a selected niche. The sequence incorporates a big variety of issues that are of present curiosity.

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3-(l-Pyrrolidinyl)propenoate (8), in contrast, requires no precautions for handling and may be considered as a synthetic equivalent of formylacetate. ^ The reactions of various electron-rich olefins 4b and 4d-h are summerized in Table 1. As well as P-unsubstituted silyl enol ethers 4b and 4c, p-substituted silyl enol ethers 4d and 4e and ketene silyl acetal 4f reacted with 8 to provide keto esters 9 in good yield. The reaction of 8 with disubstituted olefins 4g and 4h also proceeded reasonably, giving a-methylene lactones in moderate yield.

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