By Stuart A. Rice

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1. 1. I. Prigogine, Contributions a` la The´orie des Electrolytes Forts (Contributions to the Theory of Strong Electrolytes), Collection La Chimie Mathe´matique, Vol. V, Th. , GauthierVillars, Paris (also published in Me´moires in-8 de la Classe des Sciences, Acad. Roy. de Belgique, tome XVIII). 2. I. Prigogine, Contribution a` l’e´tude spectroscopique dans l’infra-rouge proche de la liaison d’hydroge`ne et la structure des solutions, (Contribution to the spectroscopic studies in the near infrared of the hydrogen bond and the structure of solutions), Me´moires Acad.

When the Indian physicist Bandyanath Misra arrived in Brussels, the final touch was achieved for this construct. For this reason, in order to avoid repetitions, I prefer to discuss here only this final form of the theory. The new formulation, which approached the problem from a totally different point of view, appears in a series of papers, from which we extract mainly: B. Misra, I. Prigogine, and M. 98) and S. Goldstein, B. Misra, and M. Courbage (GMC) (1981, J. Stat. ). 11 The presentation is ‘‘semitechnical,’’ intended for readers having a basic mathematical and physical background, without, however, entering the details of the derivations.

V. The basic property (9) implies that the component r  År evolves according to its own ‘‘subdynamics,’’ indepenb r. One may therefore isolate the ‘‘coherent’’ part r of the dently of b rÅ distribution, which ‘‘contains’’ the irreversibility, from the ‘‘incoherent part’’ b r, which tends to zero asymptotically for long times. The component r can in turn be decomposed: Its ‘‘vacuum’’ component, V r  VÅr, obeys an irreversible evolution equation and tends to the equilibrium distribution of actions, whereas C r  CÅr appears to be a functional of the vacuum V r.

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Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume 135 (Special Volume in Memory of Ilya Prigonine) by Stuart A. Rice

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