By D. Rich, W. Kosiak, G. Manlove, S. V. Potti, D. Schwarz (auth.), Dr. Detlef Egbert Ricken, Wolfgang Gessner (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3662387956

ISBN-13: 9783662387955

ISBN-10: 3662396963

ISBN-13: 9783662396964

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Some fatal injuries of babies, resulting from this effect, are already reported. Thus special, well readable warning Iabels must be installed in all newer cars with a passenger airbag. In the USA, cut off switches which allow the deactivation of the passenger airbag are in discussion. They should work as an intermediate solution until an automatic electronic solution is found for deactivation of the airbag when a child seat is installed or the seat is unoccupied. Actually, there are some systems on the market that work with car manufacturer specific child seats which contain transponders in the body.

Schwebe characteristics are +/-45° elevation and +1-25° azimuth. A permanent self test is performed by read-out of the self speed of the car. The entire sensor subsystem including the antenna can easily be fabricated in traditional PCB-technology. cV-RADARmicrosystem FMCW-Doppler-RADAR 5,8 GHz PWM-interfoce Figure 15. FMCW-Doppler-RADAR precrash sensor for closing velocity measurement in front of the car. The basic application is the differential speed measurement. If it is necessary to obtain any information on the direction of the obstacle, two of such systems have to be cascaded.

LASER based multi channel precrash sensor for timeofflight measurement of distance, differential speed, direction and size of the obstacle. 6 Conclusion Safety systems of the future will incorporate a wide area of different microsystems for automotive applications. In the sensor sector they will range from simple mechanical rnicrosensors for bare acceleration measurement (in central control units and satellite units) up to complex Iaser or radar sensors for precrash detection. In all microsystems, a microprocessor is used with powerful algorithms for data evaluation and controlling of either the sensor itself (as shown in the case of the optical ODS and the precrash sensors), or the restraint actuators (in the case of the central ECU).

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Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 98 by D. Rich, W. Kosiak, G. Manlove, S. V. Potti, D. Schwarz (auth.), Dr. Detlef Egbert Ricken, Wolfgang Gessner (eds.)

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