By J. D. H. Strickland

310 pages. Hardcover with dirt jacket. Fisheries learn Board of Canada.

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G. CALCULATIONS Let V be the reading of the burette, taken to two decimal places. Let C0 be the burette correction (positive or negative ) . This depends on the magnitude of the titration and is given by the manufacturers or should be determined (see standard text books on analysis ) . 05 ml. Let C8 be the standardization correction, obtained as described in Section H. 15 mi. Let Ct be the temperature correction which depends upon the reading V and the difference in-the temperature (TAg- T01) between the silver nitrate solution and the sample.

G. DETERMINATION OF BLANK The calibration procedure described in the next section is also used for the blank determination except that no iodate is added. If analytical reagent quality chemicals are used there should be no blue colour with starch. If a slight colouration results a blank correction may be ascertained by titrating with thiosulphate until the solution is colourless. If this blank correction exceeds 0. 1 ml, the reagents are suspect and should be prepared afresh. The potassium iodide or manganous reagent is generally the cause of the trouble.

J) The carbon dioxide in the stripped gases is absorbed fairly rapidly but moving the liquid up and down the chamber assists in complete solution. , precipitate at this stage and may distort the meniscus and give difficulty when reading P2. This is most noticeable if a duplicate reading of P2 is made and, on balance, it is probably of little value to make two such readings unless the first is spoilt. 5 ml is rather less critical when measuring P2 as the partial pressure of the remaining gases is much less than P1• (k) One minute of shaking is sufficient at this stage as it is only necessary to restrip small amounts of oxygen and nitrogen dissolved during the measurement of P • 1 G.

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