By Philip Carr

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This pocket-sized alphabetical advisor introduces the diversity of phenomena studied in phonology and the most theoretical frameworks for undertaking phonological research. The entries are a concise and transparent evaluate of 1 of the most components in linguistic research.

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Firth argued that phonological properties such as this often had as their domain, not single segments, but larger units such as the syllable, the phonological word and the intonation group. There is a strong element of instrumentalism in Firth’s ideas, and thus anti-mentalism. Firth also appears to have adopted the thesis that phonological objects lack intrinsic phonetic content. A GLOSSARY OF PHONOLOGY 55 Firthian Phonology see Firth flap A speech sound type in which an active articulator engages in a brief contact with a passive articulator.

The notion is used by phonologists who analyse intonation contours by separating them into their component tones. Boundary tones are represented in the representational system ToBI. branching onset An onset which contains more than one consonant, as in the English word brow. The term ‘branching’ derives from the use of tree diagrams to represent syllable structure; a branching onset is visually represented using a diagram in which the onset node contains two branches. breaking A synonym for diphthongisation.

If the final segment in a verb such as astonish is extrametrical, then the final syllable ceases to be heavy and the primary stress will be assigned to the preceding syllable. extrasyllabicity One or more segments are said to be extrasyllabic if they are not integrated into syllable structure. The floating consonants which participate in Liaison in French are often said to be extrasyllabic. F fake geminate see geminate falling diphthong a diphthong in which the most prominent element is the first one, as in English [aυ] (sometimes transcribed [aw]), where the off-glide [w] is less A GLOSSARY OF PHONOLOGY 53 prominent than the [a].

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