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It's over sixty years when you consider that Alexander Fleming saw antibiosis among a Penicillium mold and bacterial cultures and gave the identify penicillin to the lively precept. even though it used to be proposed in 1943 that penicillin (1) contained a tJ-Iactam ring, this used to be no longer typically approved until eventually an X-ray crystallographic decision of the constitution have been accomplished.

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A gell is • gangue , a sol in which the solid particles sand, rock, and other impurities surrounding the mineral of in- I fuse or entangle to produce a terest in an ore. rigid 0'" semirigid mixture. For example, gelatin dissolved in • gas , water produces a sol of protein gases; vapour. Matter in a form that has low density, is easily, molecules. When the gelatin is . , tangle and crosslink, forming a and expands spontaneously: when placed in a larger con- , gel which is a mesh of solid protainer.

MnIIoIMn ...... ............. onMClhollW. • derived unit derived units are units constructed from the SI system's base units . For example, the SI unit for density is kg/m 3 , derived from the base units kg' and m. • destructive interference compare with constructive interference. When the peaks of one wave match the troughs of anothelf, the waves interfere destructively. The amplitudes 'of the interfering waves cancel to give the resultant wave a lower amplitude. dialysis dialysis is the separation of components in a mixture by passing them across a semipermeable membrane.

Compare with water hardness. Water hardness due to the presence of calcium and magnesium carbonates and bicarbonates. The "noncarbonate hardness" is due mostly to calcium and magnesium sulphates, chlorides, and nitrates . • carbonyl carbonyl group. A divalent group consisting of a carbon atom with a double-bond to oxygen. For example, acetone (CH3 -(C=O)-CH3 ) is a carbonyl group linking two metl1yl groups. Also refers to a compound of a metal witl1 carbon monoxide, such as iron carbonyl, Fe(CO\.

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