By John Westwood

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A part of a sequence of pocket courses geared toward permitting the reader to profit a brand new ability in exactly half-hour, this article offers a realistic advisor to the ins-and-outs of discovering, getting ready and writing a advertising plan.

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Contents list You should start with a table of contents so the reader can quickly locate the various sections of the plan. 1 (overleaf) shows how the table of contents should be set out. Depending on the scope of your plan, you may need to omit or combine certain sections. Introduction This gives the background to the plan, the reasons for its preparation, and outlines its purposes and uses. For example, a company selling a product to the water industry could write the following introduction to its plan: ‘UK sales have stagnated in recent years.

Personnel do move on and take information with them. Copies should therefore only be given to personnel who really need them, to senior executives and to the heads of departments. Presenting the plan Presentation of the plan needs to be even more clear and concise than the written document itself. You may only have an hour – or even less – to present a plan that has taken many months to prepare. 60 Presenting the Plan, Follow-up and Revision Nowadays, everyone uses overhead presentations, but some types of presentation package make a greater impact than others.

Other key information that you want to include should be put in appendices, not in the main document. Your priority should be to make the plan easy to read. The following points give some guidelines for the written plan: ᔢ Start each complete section on a new page, even if this means that some pages have only five or ten lines of text on them ᔢ When listing key points, use double spacing ᔢ Do not try to cram too many figures on to one page 46 Writing the Plan ᔢ Do not reduce the size of documents used in the plan so much that they become difficult to read ᔢ Use a reasonable font size when printing the document ᔢ If the plan is too long it will not be read, so be ruthless and cut out unnecessary text ᔢ Do not use jargon that may not be understood by all those who will receive the plan, and be sure to explain any abbreviations the first time they appear.

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